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men's eyebrow waxing

Men's Wax Services

Discover the exceptional care and expertise of Bare Wax Company's men's waxing services and embrace a confident and smooth you. For detailed information on pricing or to schedule your appointment online, click on the "Schedule Appointment" button. 

We don't require a deposit upon booking however after the first no call no show, or after 24 hr mark cancellation, we will require a deposit to rebook.

men's nose waxing

Services Outline Summary

  • First Time - BARE: Comprehensive Brazilian waxing service for first-time clients, including full front area, butt strip, and 3 fingers down on each inner thigh.

  • Bare It All: Traditional Brazilian wax with a full butt add-on, covering the entire front area, butt strip, and buttocks.

  • Arms and Back: Waxing services for arms and back, providing a smooth and hair-free result.

  • Stomach and Chest: Specialized waxing treatment for the stomach and chest areas, leaving your skin smooth & bare.

  • Eyebrows: Service includes shaping and mapping of eyebrows to suit your face shape perfectly.

  • Ears: Removal of unwanted hair on the spine of the ear and the outer canal, ensuring a clean and groomed appearance.

  • Nose: Removal of the hair inside the nostril.

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